Sean Conway, a 32-year-old endurance athlete who suffers from seasickness, is 150 miles away from completing a 1,000-mile swim from Land’s End to John O’Groats. This is a feat that has never been attempted before. Despite being able to taste victory, Sean is currently faced with a setback. He has run out of money to fund a support team. This also means that he cannot continue with the swim unless he is able to obtain the necessary funds required.

In fact, just to cover the remaining distance in the allocated time, Sean would have to swim the equivalent of an English channel crossing every day. “Delays have been caused by bad weather, unpredictable tides and unforeseen logistical issues,” he wrote in an appeal on, a project sponsorship website. Sean is a rather seasoned endurance athlete, who has already succeeded in a  round-the-world cycling challenge. He was rather surprised to find out that nobody has ever attempted to swim the length of Britain before.

“Being the first at something is fraught with these issues as I’ve had no-one to ask for help and have been very much working it out as I go along. Most people laughed me off at the early stages saying I was going to die and it wouldn’t be possible,” he recalled. As of now, Sean is about a month over the scheduled time for the swim. Aside from that, Scotland is only getting colder as the days drag on by. This has led the self-confessed seasickness-sufferer – whose equipment sponsors include P&O Ferries – to seek for assistance from “the Great British and Irish public… once again”. He is trying his best to accumulate sufficient funds required.

This has led him to offer a selection of items and services in exchange for sponsorship. Some of the items include both his used swimming goggles and caps, copies of the book he intends to publish about the experience and the opportunity to have himself appear to give talks at functions. “I need help financially to get me a new skipper, feed the crew, buy fuel for the boat and get myself to John O’Groats,” he explained. For the full story, you can read it over here.

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