SINGAPORE – MARCH 2010 – Happy  Fish Swim School, a Singapore-based all-ages swim instruction academy, recently celebrated the milestone event of its 10,000th graduate. This includes many students successfully obtaining the country’s National Survival Swimming Award (or NASSA), involving the completion of a test which simulates the scenario of a sinking ship in order to equip participants with real-life swimming survival skills.

Happy Fish employs over 250 swim instructors, all of whom have been certified by both the Singapore Sport Council and by the Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association. The academy offers programs suitable for a wide variety of age groups and experience levels, including Infant Aquatics, and lessons for toddlers, kids, ladies, and adults. Group lessons are also offered, which emphasize social interaction as well as swimming skills.

“I’m extraordinarily proud of the school’s recent achievement of 10,000 successful graduates, which is a testament to the dedication of our many men and women swim instructors,” remarked Tan Jian Yong, owner of Happy Fish Swim School. “Our programs combine a proven, comprehensive approach to swim skills, along with a commitment to individual attention and customization. Swimming is not only important to round out an individual’s survival skill set—swimming is a whole lot of fun! Everyone at Happy Fish is grateful to the hardworking students who have made this milestone possible.”

Different skills are emphasized according to program and age. Happy Fish’s Infant Aquatics program, which accepts students as young as 6 months of age, emphasizes body balance, development of gross motor skills, self-confidence, and comfort in the water environment.  The Toddlers Swimming Lesson teaches basic propulsion techniques along with floating and survival skills as the student continues to become acclimated to the water.

The Kids Swimming Lesson is divided into four distinct phases, from Beginner to Competitive, and is designed specifically to prepare the student to test for the NASSA. The introduction and refinement of different swim strokes, emphasis on daily exercise, breathing techniques, and stamina building are a few of the core concepts stressed within the Kids program.

The Ladies Swimming Lesson, ideal for females who are non-swimmers or who have a fear of the water, uses specially-trained female instructors to create a safe and nurturing environment to teach basic floating, breathing, and propulsion skills. The Adults Swimming Lesson is intended for all adults at all levels of skill, and individual lessons are tailored to the skill level and interests of the class.

Happy Fish also features a Holiday Swimming Lesson, intended for students in need of recreational and social interaction opportunities while on break from school. These lessons are group-oriented, with a class size of 12 people each.

Students are accepted year-round on a rolling basis, and programs are offered at various times