Swimming lessons only began last year, but more and more water babies are heading over to Lagan Valley LeisurePlex in Lisburn for classes. The best part of it all is that both the babies and the parents enjoy the experience, making it a family affair. They believe that by starting their child out at an early stage, they would be able to develop confidence and security in the water and not be fearful.


Although classes are kept short, usually half an hour due to the short attention span of babies, they still love the sense of relaxation in the water. For parents, it is also a great method of bonding with their baby. The youngest baby to join the class was only two days old but usually the age range is around six weeks.

“Although babies rarely appear to be doing any more than simply enjoying themselves, they are actually learning potential life-saving skills. Tragically, drowning is still the third highest of cause of accidental death among children in the UK. In the last three years alone, ten Water Babies toddlers have managed to save their own lives when falling into water. That makes me so glad that I do the job I do. And what’s more, I’ve the added advantage that I absolutely love it.” said Amy West-Hurst, the instructor who started teaching classes for Water Babies in the area just last April. For the full article, click HERE.

In Singapore, Happy Fish Swim School conducts swimming lessons for water babies as well. However, we strongly recommend your child to be at least 6 months of age first before signing up. Any babies younger than 6 months old is welcomed to register for their slots first and attend the lessons when they reach the minimum age.