A decade after his near-death experience, Trent Theroux is set to return to the same location. As insane as it may sound, he plans to jump into the ocean at Point Judith and spend approximately six or more hours to swim across Block Island. The most challenging part about it is that he will be doing the backstroke for the entire journey. He plans to do it on September 8, which is just days from the tenth anniversary of an accident that nearly took away his life.


Nearly 10 years ago, Trent took his kayak out onto a cove in Barrington, which was not quite far from his home. Within just an hour, he found himself underwater with both his craft and his back shattered. He was taken to a hospital, but the next day, he was fearful that he might never be able to walk again. On that day, he promised himself that he would be able to walk again, carry his children, race up the stairs of a skyscraper, run a marathon and swim to Block Island. Today, he has managed to fulfill every single one of his promise, except for the last.

When we was first admitted into the hospital, doctors were still not certain that he would make it. He managed to overcome that and his next concern was how much damage was done to his spinal cord. “It’s hard before you can admit to yourself you may never walk again. It’s a very slowed-down moment — that the things I’d always done might never come back again,” stated Trent.

Thankfully, after tests and surgery was completed, he was relief to know that there had been no permanent spinal cord damage. From then on, he has been gearing up to swim across Block Island. He realised that someone had already swam freestyle across in 2005. Hence, he decided to accomplish his swim with the backstroke. Simultaneously, he would also be able to highlight spinal cord injuries. He also felt that his swim should be more than just representing his own personal victory. Therefore, he partnered up with RISE Above Paralysis, a non-profit based organization based in Massachusetts, to support victims of spinal cord injuries and their families. For the full story, you can check it out here.

Trent is an inspiration to a lot of people out there. Happy Fish Swim School believes that if he is able to recover from his ordeal and swim again, then it shouldn’t be an issue for others too. To sign up for swimming lessons in Singapore, do visit us at our website today.