St. John the Baptist Parish Council members are eager to open the parish pool for the summer, but Parish President Natalie Robottom said that they were still in the midst of hiring lifeguards for their swimming pool.

“You can’t open a public swimming pool without lifeguards and St. John the Baptist Parish is looking for them.” Parish President Natalie Robottom said to the Parish Council. The full article can be found HERE.

This goes the same for the public swimming complexes in Singapore. At any one time when the pool is open to the public, there has to be more than one lifeguard available to keep a look out. Furthermore, all the lifeguards in Singapore are required to go through a life saving course and attain the necessary certificate before pursuing a career as a lifeguard. In other words, all the lifeguards that you see in the public swimming complex are certified. This helps in building a sense of confidence in the safety of swimmers as they will know that there is always someone who is well prepared should any accidents occur.

Unfortunately, there are not many people who choose this occupation as their career. The reason is normally because it is a tedious job that requires one to be alert at all times. Let’s not forget that it can get pretty mundane at times. Therefore, not all the condominiums and hotels in Singapore have ready lifeguards at the swimming pool. Instead, they will normally replace them with a security guard. However, let’s keep in mind that these are two very different occupations. A lifeguard doesn’t necessarily have the skills of a security guard and likewise. In other words, a security guard isn’t a certified life guard. Some might not even be able to swim. Therefore, if you do decide to swim in a pool where there are no certified life guards, it will be at your own risk. This can be dangerous especially if you’re still new to swimming.

Happy Fish Swim School strongly recommends beginners to swim in a pool where there is supervision by a lifeguard. Alternatively, they can choose to take up swimming lessons from a certified instructor. All the swimming instructors in Singapore are certified with a life saving certificate and also an applicable teaching certificate. Hence, if you still prefer to have classes conducted at your own condominium pool, try hiring a certified instructor to assist in your learning.

For those of you keen in a career as a lifeguard, check out the Lifesaving course offered by Happy Fish Swim School. You’ll never know when you can make use of such skills. In fact, you could potentially be a life saver! Even if this isn’t a career choice for you, such a skill can always come in handy!