We have mentioned about the efforts from other countries to provide swimming lessons for their citizens. Some were even generous enough to offer free lessons to selected individuals. Singapore has always been emphasizing the need to take up swimming classes. Nowadays, it is a requirement to be able to swim in Primary school. However, we have now taken a further step to grant our enthusiastic youths with a better learning opportunity.

The MILO MOE Youth Triathlon is set to take place on 24th of March this year. In all, there are about 1,800 participants, which is an increase compared to last year figure of 1,361. This event has been on for the last 3 years, but this year there is a change in the venue. Instead of it occurring in Sentosa, it has shifted to East Coast instead. As the triathlon involves swimming in the open water, the organisation committee felt that it was necessary to gear up the participants.


Hence, they held open water swim clinics for those aged between nine and nineteen. In a way, this is a warm up for the participants and also, get them to understand what they should be expecting. “We thought that to enhance the event we will provide this first hand experience for our participants to swim in open water. This is a new element to the event (and) about 300 participants have signed up for the swim clinic and we are very encouraged by the numbers” said Mr Chow Phee Chat, the marketing director of Nestle Singapore.

This is a great effort by the organising committee to get the participants prepared for the race. These swim clinics can also act as a safety net for them to prevent any tragic drownings from occurring. The open water swim module is gaining in popularity in Singapore. Why? The reason is simple. Open waters are different from that of any public swimming complex and are much more unpredictable. Therefore, swimmers want to gain more knowledge and skills in this aspect, so that they will be able to feel more comfortable when they attempt any form of open water activities.

Happy Fish Swim School strongly recommends all swimmers with the basic swimming techniques to sign up for the Open Water SwimSafer course. This will enhance your swimming skills in the sea. In other words, you will be able to have a better time when you’re abroad doing your favourite water sports such as surfing, diving and snorkeling. At Happy Fish, we believe in building up your confidence and allowing you to have an even better time!