Endurance swimming in the open waters is an extremely demanding sport that requires a lot of willpower. It is definitely not a sport for the faint hearted. In order to partake in such a swim, one has to go through countless training sessions and practice. Even after that, it doesn’t necessarily prepares one for the actual swim. This is because there are many unpredictable elements in play such as the waves, current, weather and so forth. The cold waters itself can break a swimmer down and cause them to give up.


So if all of the above combined together isn’t bad enough, then try going through it with a bad shoulder. That is exactly what Adam Walker was experiencing when he pushed through the pain that he was suffering in order to finish the 21-mile Catalina Channel swim in California. The 33-year-old completed his swim after a total of 12 hours and 15 minutes in the water. “It was very tough. It took me to the edge of my limits but failing was not an option. The worst part of the swim was how I was consistently sick from the disorientation in the dark. My left shoulder was also getting so sore it meant I was basically swimming with one arm for the last four hours,” explained the Indesit’s national account manager.

So far, Adam has already had a few swims in his collection. They include the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar and Hawaii’s treacherous Molokai Straits. With the addition of the Catalina Channel, he is officially more than halfway through his personal challenge to take on seven of the world’s toughest swims. The remaining swims that he has set his sights on are the Tsugaru Strait in Japan, the Cook Strait in New Zealand and the Irish Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland. For the entire story, you can read it from here.

At Happy Fish Swim School, we applaud Adam for his determination to complete the swim despite the pain that he had to endure for approximately four hours. However, we believe that everything about endurance swimming still boils down to the basics and foundation of swimming. This is the area in which our pool of instructors island wide can offer their help. Furthermore, we ensure that any instructor who we refer to you is certified and qualified for the assignment. For more details of our Swimming Lessons in Singapore, do check out more website.