I recently saw the new movie “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.” It was quite a nice movie to watch. The story line is somehow like what one would find in the Harry Potter series. However, it was expressed in a different way. I’m not going to review the story today. Instead, I’m going to look into how the movie has affected the swimming lessons industry.

Percy has become the idol of many kids. As we all know, Percy is the son of Poseidon, the God of the Ocean. Many kids in school try to role-play their idol Percy in various different kinds of games. This is especially the case when it comes to swimming.

Kids know that Percy is a very impressive swimmer. After all, he is directly related to Poseidon. Kids these days are looking to learn how to swim just as well as he can. This is something that has caused more kinds to get into swimming lessons than ever before.

I personally thought that the reason why Percy is cool in this movie is because he has the ability to control the water. He’s very powerful when he has water on his side. That makes kids who don’t know how to swim more interested in swimming. They know that they can maintain the power of water when they know how to swim.

In the movie Percy hold his breath underwater for 7 minutes. This is a scene that has caused lots of people to try it. Two weeks before the movie I recorded a four and a half minute video of myself holding my breath underwater. I then posted it on YouTube. After that I received several responses from people who were asking for tips on how to do that. This is because of how two minutes is the average record that a person can have.

Everything that you can do underwater has become cool thanks to this movie. I did some videos underwater and all of them have received quite of number of clicks on YouTube.