Perfect your breaststroke kicking by doing a few different exercises that you can start out of the water. The breaststroke is one of the most exhausting basic swimming strokes. It takes the work of many arm and leg muscles and a lot of concentration, so before working on your speed, work on your kicking strength and concentration.

The  breaststroke kick, is performed by pulling your legs up to your buttocks, turning your feet out, away from your body and then straightening out your legs. This takes concentration to be able to master.

To perfect your breaststroke kicking, lie on your stomach, raise one leg and bring your foot up to your rear end. Turn your foot out and straighten your leg. This is the same motion that you will be doing in the water so you can also get the movement down and it will become second nature to you.

Do this exercise on each leg one at a time, doing at least 20 repetitions on each leg at a time before you enter the water. When you do get into the water try to do several laps just practicing the kick, at this point do not worry about how fast you are going or how your breathing is working with each kick. Focus on the kick and if you are doing it correctly.

If you feel your kick is not working correctly, try practicing on land again and repeat the process. When you are comfortable get back in the water and try again. This time try another exercise in the water to perfect your breaststroke kicking this one will also let you know if your kick is correct.

Lie on your back in the water and practice your kick. If your knees are coming above the surface of the water, your kick can be improved. Do this exercise until your knees do not break the surface of the water. You will be strengthening your legs and you will perfect your breaststroke kicking.

Once you can lie on your back in the water, do the breaststroke kick and not have your knees come above the water, you are ready to move on to getting your rhythm and breathing working together.

Remember to pull your legs up and back towards your rear end, turn your feet out and straighten your legs this is your correct kick for the breaststroke. Do laps up and down the pool by doing two kicks under the water and one breaststroke above the water to take a breath. Move on to doing on kick under water and one with a breath above the water.

If you practice these movements out of the water and in the water, you will begin to perfect your breaststroke kicking. Try to do at least twenty laps in the pool every day until you feel comfortable with your rhythm and breathing.