To perfect your butterfly stroke body movement and kicking technique you need to strengthen your entire body. When you do the butterfly stroke, you are using your arms, legs and upper body to propel you through the water. Your technique is crucial to this swimming style.

The butterfly stroke consists of three main components, pulling with your arms, pushing with your legs and the recovery. The best thing that you can do to perfect your butterfly stroke body movement and kicking is to know how to swim the other simpler swimming strokes first.

If you already know the correct swimming posture and have been swimming for some time you will already have upper body, and leg strength needed to do the butterfly stroke. For kicking, you will need to learn the dolphin kick. This means keeping your leg together at all times, so you will be imitating the fluid movement of a dolphin.

When you practice to perfect your butterfly stroke body movement and kicking, do not use a kickboard. The use of a kickboard will change your posture and you will have a harder time getting back the correct body movement.

The kick is divided into two parts, the big kick that comes from your hips is first. Keep your knees bent and your legs together and kick your legs forward, your entire body will be propelled forward. The second kick is smaller and comes in when your body is already gliding.

After getting down the dolphin kick, you can focus on your arms. You can practice outside of the water by holding both arms out at full length at your sides. At the same time, swing both of your arms around your body, this is the same action that your arms will be doing in the water.

When you are doing the butterfly stroke in the water, and your arms are up and out of the water, your head will come up, this is the time that you get to breathe. As your arms swing around push them into the water underneath your body, at the same time do the dolphin kick. Bring your head back under the water and exhale.

The only real way to perfect your butterfly stroke body movement and kicking is with practice. Remember that you need to have upper and lower body strength to be able to do the butterfly stroke correctly so that you will be floating over the water. It is a good idea to have someone who knows the correct technique watch and point out any incorrect movements.