On November 26th, organizers of the 18th Laguna Phuket Triathlon (LPT) officially opened proceedings and also launched Laguna’s Swim Survival Program (LSSP) at a press conference.


The program is conducted by officers of the Laguna Swim Safety Program and aims to teach children the benefits of water safety. Even Belinda Granger, the former women’s champion and two-time winner of the LPT is part proud to be part of the launch. You can read more about the LSSP here.

Phuket is an island resort well known for its beaches. Many people flock over to Phuket to swim and surf throughout the year. Hence, they realise that water safety is crucial and it is best to start young. The challenge for them is coming up with a program for children in natural waters and not the swimming pool. In such conditions, the current and waves can be extremely unpredictable. You can never know what to expect and without proper safety knowledge, these children might be risking their lives each time they decide to go swimming or surfing. Therefore, the program helps to equip children with water survival skills and reduce their chances of drowning.


As more countries emphasize the importance of water safety, Singapore continues to do the same. We have been following the SwimSafer programme since July 2010. This programme aims to teach children to swim in the swimming pool and teaches them life saving skills. This not only ensures that they are able to swim, but it also ensures their safety in the water. However, what happens when they decide to visit Phuket? Yes, they would know how to swim, but will they have the knowledge of water safety in the open water? The National Water Safety Council (NWSC) and the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) took this issue into consideration and decided to enhance the SwimSafer programme with a new module known as “SwimSafer Open Water” on 25th July 2011. Feel free to read more about the new module here.

With the aid of this new module in the syllabus, it gives students the chance to learn more about water safety in the open water. This will allow them to be more comfortable when they decide to go for a swim in any beach resorts.

If you are looking to enrol in the SwimSafer Open Water module, you can now do so with Happy Fish Swim School! All you have to do is visit our website to learn more. If you require more information or decide to sign up with us, feel free to contact our staff at +65 9651 7946 from Mondays to Fridays, 10.00am – 6.00pm. We do have lessons that are being conducted at East Coast Park currently.