A young schoolgirl took her ten-year-old pony for a ride to cool off in the water in Falmouth, Cornwall of England. However, when she dismounted from it, it started to panic and swim out even further as it got more distressed. Although she made an effort to get to it, she wasn’t fast enough. She watched it drown in front of her and died.



According to experts, horses are unable to turn when they are threading water. Hence, they will often swim in a straight line. Although the members of Penzance coastguard rescue team and a lifeguard on Marazion beach did their best to rescue the pony, it still wasn’t enough. Bonnie Reynolds, the pony’s owner, mentioned that the incident had left her daughter traumatised. “My daughter is absolutely devastated. She is exhausted, and hasn’t slept properly. As you can imagine, being on the shoreline watching your pony swimming away to its death is just horrific,” she said.

Bonnie added that she had kept in touch with the previous owners of the pony and they told her that it enjoyed the water. “What horses do when they go out of their depth, if they haven’t got anyone to turn them, they will just swim in a straight line as they haven’t got the movement in their legs, without ground, to turn themselves. ‘I think it was a terrible accident. There were no people water skiing, nothing that would make him panic,” she explained. She went on further to write online that her daughter had gotten off the pony in shallow waters. Unfortunately, it went further ahead into the water and panicked.

“This was our pony only yesterday, in the sea, not out of his depth, not swimming and with a knowledgeable handler. She slid off his side and he got away from her, he swam out to his death! No matter what people say to reassure you, it’s a dangerous unpredictable thing to do and our precious friends are never worth taking a risk on. They can swim but are not natural swimmers. Please don’t do it. Hopefully people will imagine his fear and panic, his tired legs paddling, his exhaustion. ‘I stand to get ridicule from people who love to do this, but they have to remember that this time yesterday I loved to do this,” she added in her online statement. For the full story, you can read it here.

At Happy Fish Swim School, we would like to remind everyone that if you intend to take your pets out for a swim, always ensure that you have full control over your pet as well as the situation. If you are unsure or not confident, please refrain from doing it. For more information on swimming lessons in Singapore, do check us out.