Course Details of Adult Group Swimming Lessons

Group Adult Swimming Lesson is conducted by Professional Swimming Instructor. There are 3 different stage to go for – Beginner, Intermediate & Advance. Each stage last for 3 months (12 lessons). Upon completion of each level, participants will receive a certificate of training to move on to the next stage. For group adult swimming lessons, there will not be any new comers after second lesson, which means you can enjoy learning without interuption.

Schedule Start Date
Wed 7:00pm 16 Sep’15
Wed 8:00pm 28 Oct’15
Schedule Start Date
Thurs 7:00pm 19 Nov’15
Thurs 8:00pm 1 Oct’15
Schedule Start Date
Wed 7:00pm 19 Aug’15
Wed 8:00pm 28 Oct’15
Schedule Start Date
Tues 8:00pm 18 Aug’15
Wed 7:00pm 14 Oct’15
Wed 8:00pm 28 Oct’15
Schedule Start Date
Wed 7:00pm 11 Nov’15
Wed 8:00pm 30 Sep’15
Schedule Start Date
Fri 7:00pm 13 Nov’15
Fri 8:00pm 2 Oct’15
Schedule Start Date
Thurs 8:00pm 5 Nov’15
Schedule Start Date
Thur 7:00pm 13 Aug’15
Thur 8:00pm  1 Oct’15
Suitable For : Adults and Ladies (age 14 and above)
Class Size : Maximum 10 pax only
Term : 3 months (12 lessons)
Duration : 45 – 60 minutes per lesson
Frequency : 1 lesson per week
Tips : It is advisable to attend all your swimming class for effective learning. Do regular practises and focus on the long term goal. Rushing for results may become counter-productive.

Class Policy

  1. Class conducted by Happy Fish leading swimming instructors
  2. Schedule are fixed for 12 consecutive weeks lesson excluding public holidays.
  3. E-Certificate will be provided upon request after completion of 12 weeks course with at least 75% attendance rate.
  4. No new comers after 2nd lesson (No interruption to the class)
  5. There will be no compensation or make up lesson if pool is close due to bad weather or any natural disaster that is out of the school’s control. However, the instructor will standby to continue the lesson as soon as the pool is deemed safe for swimming. Lesson will be conduct as usual under drizzling rain condition.
  6. Happy Fish reserves the right to postpone the start date up to 4 weeks if the class does not meet minimum number of students. Minimum 8 students to start.
  7. Other general Terms and Conditions apply


Monthly Fee OR Term Fee
S$120 per month S$240 per term
1 month = 4 sessions 1 term = 12 sessions

** All fee stated at nett and fixed. We DO NOT charge GST or Registration Fee

Bring-A-Friend Promotion

Enjoy 50% discount for signing up your friend
S$360 per term for 2 pax (12 lessons)
Yours: S$240
Friend’s: S$120

S$540 per term for 3 pax (12 lessons)
(Top-up S$180 for the second participants onward)