Course Details of Kid Group Swimming Lessons

Happy Fish Group Swimming Lesson For Kids is conducted by SSC certified swimming instructor, using SwimSafer syllabus which consist of 6 stages – SwimSafer Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, SwimSafer Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students are required to go through SwimSafer test at the end of each stage in order to receive a SwimSafer certificate. As each individual student may progress at different pace, students will be group according to level.

Level & Pre-requisite
Beginner : No Pre-requisite needed
Elementary : Obtained SwimSafer 1 OR able to swim unassisted for at least 10 metres
Intermediate : Obtained SwimSafer 2/3 OR able to swim unassisted for at least 25 metres
Advance : Obtained Swimsafer 4/5/6 OR able to swim at least 100 metres continuously 
Schedule Level Status
 Sat 8.00am  Intermediate  Ongoing
 Sat 9.00am  Advance  Ongoing
 Beginner+  Ongoing
 Sat 10.00am  Beginner+  Ongoing
 Sat 11.00am  Beginner  Ongoing
 Sat 3.00pm  Intermediate  Ongoing
 Sat 4.00pm  Advance  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
 Sat 5.00pm  Intermediate  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
 Sat 6.00pm  Beginner  Ongoing
 Sun 9.00am  Beginner  Ongoing
 Sun 10.00am  Beginner  Ongoing
 Beginner+  Ongoing
 Sun 11.00am  Beginner  New 4 Oct’15
 Sun 3.00pm  Beginner+  Ongoing
 Sun 4.00pm  Advance  Ongoing
Schedule Level Status
Sat 9am  Beginner  Ongoing
Sat 10am  Intermediate  Ongoing
Sun 8am  Intermediate  Ongoing
Sun 9am  Advance  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
Sun 10am  Intermediate  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
Sun 11am  Beginner  New – 3 Oct’15
 Beginner  Ongoing


Schedule Level Status
 Sat 8.00am  Beginner  Ongoing
 Sat 9.00am  Beginner+  Ongoing
 Sat 10.00am  Advance  Ongoing
 Sat 11.00am  Intermediate  Ongoing
 Sun 1.30pm  Beginner  New (16 Aug’15)
 Sun 2.30pm  Intermediate  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
 Sun 3.30pm  Intermediate  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
 Sun 4.30pm  Beginner  Ongoing
 Beginner  Ongoing
 Sun 5.30pm  Beginner  Ongoing
Schedule Level Status
 Sat 4.00pm  Advance  Ongoing
 Sat 5.00pm  Beginner+  Ongoing
 Sat 6.00pm  Intermediate  Ongoing
Sat 7.00pm  Beginner  Ongoing
Suitable For : Kids age 5 years old and above
Class Size : Maximum 10 pax
Term : Approx. 3 months (12 lessons)
Duration : 45 – 60 minutes per lesson
Frequency : 1 lesson per week
Tips : It is advisable for children to attend all their lesson for effective learning. Do regular practises and focus on long term goal. Rushing for result may be counter-productive. We strongly recommend you to read the parent’s note below this page if you haven’t do so.
Term Fee :

S$210 per term

Class Policy


  • Group class is conducted by Happy Fish selected swimming instructors.
  • Schedule are fixed for 12 consecutive weeks lesson excluding public holidays.
  • The school will try ensuring that every class progresses at the same stage. Thus, we will re-allocate students to a more suitable class at any point of time.
  • There will be no compensation or make up lesson if pool is close due to bad weather or any natural disaster that is out of the school’s control. However, the instructor will standby to continue the lesson as soon as the pool is deemed safe for swimming. Lesson will be conduct as usual under drizzling rain condition.
  • Students will be invited to participate in SwimSafer assessment when his/her instructor deem ready. (Charges apply)
  • Happy Fish reserves the right to postpone the start date for up to 4 weeks if the class size does not meet minimum requirement. Minimum 8 students to start.
  • The school may also decide to merge classes should the class size fall below 5 students.
  • Other general Terms and Conditions apply