marina bay sands swimming pool

This picture has been circulate for a while. As I am not sure who took this picture hence I can’t give any credit for this. I am so sorry about it. You can email me if you are the rightful photographer of this picture.

Considered the world highest swimming pool located at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, we called that Infinity Pool. It looks like you are going to fall when you swim to the end. Amazing design yes? The fact is, you probably wont as they have safety measure on it, you are just going to fall in their drain if you try to climb out from the “infinity edge”.

The city night view from MBS infinity pool is marvelous, and less crowded. Till then, you can truly enjoy your swim like a fish.

Oh by the way, the MBS skypark is not open for public. So, book your night here on your next visit to Singapore!