Although it may be an unusually warm spring and lower-than-normal river flows, the waterways in the Sacramento region of the United States continue to remain cold and dangerous. Over the weekends, two separate drowning incidents in the American River act as a reminder to swimmers to be cautions as well as to always observe water safety procedures no matter how shallow and calm the water may seem.

The first incident saw Christopher Harris of Rancho Cordova drowned while swimming near Lake Natoma on Saturday evening. According to officials, the 23-year-old did not have a life jacket on when he attempted to swim across an inlet to a Willow Creek recreation area beach. Divers eventually discovered his body some four hours later in the night.

The other incident took place on Sunday, in the evening as well. A 25-year-old man drowned while swimming in the river east of the Howe Avenue boat launch. According to the authorities, the man struggled and slipped under water before drowning. He was swimming with another man and a minor, who were both successfully rescued from a nearby island.

“People overestimate their swimming ability. Even those of us who are decent swimmers put wet suits on if we’re going to be swimming more than 10 minutes,” stated Kelly McFarlane, a spokeswoman and volunteer with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Drowning Accident Rescue Team. She also explained that in the two cases above, drowning typically occurs due to the result of fatigue from swimming in cold water. Although, the temperature outside might appear to be warm, but the rivers continue to be cold even during the summer periods.

Kelly mentioned that hypothermia due to severe cold conditions can lead to a loss of muscle function and self-awareness, which can ultimately result in poor judgment. Aside from that, people suffering from hypothermia will often become combative, causing danger to the rescuers. She also recommend swimmers and boaters to put on life jackets whenever they go out into the open waters. If one should suffer from hypothermia, a life jacket will be able to keep he/she afloat and prevent them from immediately going underwater and drowning. For the rest of the story, you can check it out here.

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