On Sunday, Dan Suski and Kate Suski battled huge waves and fearing sharks to swim for their lives. This occurred after their fishing vessel capsized, resulting in them having to swim for more than half a day.

30-year-old Dan of San Francisco and 39-year-old Kate of Seattle chartered a boat for a day of fishing. Their plan was to head over to the waters off St. Lucia area. Aside from the two of them, a captain and first mate were also on board for the excursion.

During the afternoon, the 31-foot fishing vessel suddenly took on water, which force all four of them abroad to put on their life jackets and jump into the open water. “It was completely surreal watching the boat stern go down, go subsurface underwater was surreal,” stated Dan. In that period of chaos, both Dan and Kate were separated from the captain and first mate due to the swelling sea. However, they noticed dry land in the distance, which gave them a sense of hope. Hence, they decided to swim towards it.

“It would disappear intermittently as we swam but we felt the wind behind us and used that as a gauge for direction,” explained Kate. This eventually led to a long 14 hour swim and a battle against hypothermia. Thankfully, both the siblings safely made it back to shore. However, when they finally made it to shore, it was already dark. So they spent it by eating bananas and mangoes, while waiting for the next morning. Once the sun was up, they hiked around to find help. They finally met with a farm worker who informed the authorities of their incident. “We were very lucky we found a small sliver of beach and we were able to get to safety that way,” said Kate.

Both Dan and Kate were taken to the hospital and were treated for dehydration and other injuries. As for both the captain and the first mate, they were left in the water for almost a full day before being spotted and safely picked up by a private boat owner. At the moment, the St. Lucia’s maritime affairs unit is still investigating on the cause of the shipwreck. For the full story, you can refer here.

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