This is a topic that has to be touched on to help educate the public about drowning. There are certain misconceptions about drowning that are not factual, but pure fiction. Unfortunately, many are unaware and tend to overlook it. Here are some of the common misconceptions.

A person on the verge of drowning will wave and scream for help. Yes, it’s true at times ONLY if one manages to stay afloat and find the strength to do so. However, most of the time, drowning happens without people even noticing it. Victims aren’t always able to call or wave for help especially when they are already struggling to breathe. Therefore, they will be gasping for air instead of trying to shout for help.

Victims can only drown in deep water. There is no depth requirement when it comes to drowning. There are incidents where children drown in bathtubs and adults drown in the shallow end of pools. Depth isn’t a factor when it comes to drowning. However, the amount of water that a person takes in, which causes difficulty in breathing, is the main reason.

Swimmers won’t drown. Once again, this is extremely inaccurate. Anybody can drown and that includes even the best swimmers. Yes, perhaps knowing how to swim reduces the risk of drowning, but it doesn’t in anyway prevents it from occurring. What causes swimmers to drown? Firstly, being in unfamiliar waters like in open waters or seas. Secondly, cramps and injuries are also causes for drowning.

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