As the London Olympics are drawing near, a young swimmer has smashed the B Division 200m freestyle record in Singapore. Lim Ching Hwang of the Singapore Sports School is only 15 year old and he joined the Singapore Sports School more than a year ago. He was actually born in Selangor, Malaysia. However, he decided to cross the border and come over as he liked the development program for students here.

When asked about how he first started out swimming, the young chap mentioned that it was his family that influenced him to the sport. “I remembered playing in the water at a tender age of 5 years while my sister was training seriously.”

He also gave praise to the coaches in the Singapore Sports School for his progress so far. “I have improved much since I arrived and that is due to the school’s help.”

His remarkable performance can clearly be seen when he overtook the previous record set by Sng Ju Wei way back in 1995 for the 200m freestyle final. His timing of 1:52.75 was more than two seconds faster than Ju Wei’s record of 1:55.14 back in 1995. Furthermore, he was approximately 25m ahead of the next fastest competitor, who was actually his fellow schoolmate. Benedict Boon finished in second place about ten seconds behind him at timing of 2:01.41. Despite an extremely strong and promising performance, the 15 year old was nowhere near his personal best time of 1:50. In fact, he also hold numerous records in Malaysia. However, he is looking to the future and at greater goals.

“I hope to one day take part in the Olympics.” he declared.

Apart from the 200m freestyle event, he managed to come in first place for the 100m freestyle event the very next day. His timing of 51.88s also overtook the previous record of 52.51s held by fellow Sports School student Dzulhaili B Mohd Kamal in 2011. In fact, his timing is even faster than the Singapore’s national record of 52.11s set by Clement Lim in 2011.

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