Well, after receiving some feedback from the readers, I’ve decided to elaborate more on Elementary Backstroke. Yes, you might wonder why the swim coach doesn’t teach your child this stroke?


The elementary backstroke is a more simplified version of the traditional backstroke. It basically helps in preparation for learning the actual backstroke. Not all swim coach uses this technique/stroke in teaching your child before teaching them the actual backstroke. Some may prefer not to or use a different method instead. Others may feel that your child is ready for the backstroke and won’t need to start with this simplified version. Whatever the case may be, do not panic as we are confident that your child will eventually pick up the backstroke with or without learning the elementary backstroke first.


As mentioned in the previous post, the elementary backstroke involves using a “frog” kick (similar with that of the breaststroke) and a synchronous water movement. Yes, this explanation might be a little misleading as brought up by some. Therefore, I’ve decided to help everyone understand better through this video! If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth much more than that! This video not only shows the movement of the stroke but it also explains how it can be done. So without further ado, enjoy this video taken from youtube!