On the 30th of last July, Chris Myers and his 16-year-old son, JJ touched down at Ballston Beach in Truro, England. They were both geared up and ready to bodysurf. This was the pair’s favourite beach and also the place where Chris taught both of his sons how to bodysurf when they were much younger. In fact, it has been an annual trip here from Colorado for all he could remember.

After studying the water, they saw a white line of surf parallel to the beach, which was approximately 400 yards from the shore. It was made by waves breaking on a submerged sandbar. Chris pointed the spot out to his son and off they went. They swam for 10 minutes till they were around 300 yards out, where they decided to stop for a rest. His son asked how deep were they in. Chris tried going underwater to reach the bottom, but surfaced back up when he couldn’t touch it. “What happens if a shark comes along while we’re out here?” JJ asked. Chris simply joked and stated, “Well, we’d be history” as that was pretty much the last thing on his mind.

They continued their swim to the 400 yards mark. At this point, the water was still over their heads and they could no longer see the line of surf at the sandbar. This was when Chris pondered about his son’s question and began to get worried. He decided it was best to head back. While they were treading water, getting ready to turn back, Chris felt sharp teeth rip into both legs all of a sudden. The pain was unbearable and all he could do was scream. Almost instantly, he knew it was a shark and it was trying to pull him down by his left ankle. Thankfully, his right leg was free and he was able to use it to kick the shark. While kicking the shark, he felt it was massive and immovable. After about seven to eight kicks, the shark finally let go.

A few seconds after, the shark rose out from the water right between Chris and JJ. After the shock, both remained frozen for a moment before swimming as fast as they could back to shore. Although Chris was injured, he didn’t feel as much pain as he did with fear. They managed to make it back to shore without experiencing another attack. They were both attended to by the locals before help came for Chris. For the rest of the story, you can read it here.

Happy Fish Swim School would like to remind all swimmers to not venture too far out in the open waters. Firstly, help is a long distance away. Secondly, aside from sharks, you never know when you might get cramps. Hence, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you would like to know more about swimming, please feel free to check our website.