Swimming beholds many benefits for every individual. It helps you to relax and reduces stress! However, do take note that swimming too often in a chemically treated pool isn’t good for your hair and your skin. Prevention is always better than cure, so take these precautions to ensure that your hair and skin remain radiant and healthy!



Hair: Before entering the pool, wash your hair with non-chlorinated water. This will ensure that your hair won’t be able to soak up as much chlorine.


Skin: Always shower with warm water and anti-bacterial soap before a swim. This is a form of personal hygiene that can reduce bacterial levels and chlorine absorption.


Apply Sunblock: Apply at least 30 minutes before entering the pool to allow the effect to take place. You can also apply it on your face but ensure that the minimum SPF is 15. This will help to minimise dark spots and wrinkles on your face.


Eye: Wear a pair of anti-fog goggles for a clear vision and to prevent water from getting into your eyes. This will also prevent your eyes from getting irritated by the the chlorine.


Hydrate: It is crucial to drink sufficient amounts of water before a swim.



Rinse: Chlorine is a potential health hazard, not just to your skin but to your lungs too! Ensure you use fresh water to rinse your body several times immediately after getting out of the pool.


Skin: Always shower with warm water and anti-bacterial soap after a swim. Use a moisturiser capable of removing chlorine residue to prevent dry skin. You can also try a moisturiser made from natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients and vitamins.


Hair: Rinse with fresh water afer a swim. Chlorine can not only make your hair dry, but it can also fade your hair colour.


Hydrate: Always remember to drink plenty of water after your swim to replenish water loss. Other fluids like fruit juice and herbal tea also helps. However, try to avoid coffee and soft drinks.


Diet: Maintain a healthy diet through vitamins. It helps to provide a boost of minerals and nutrients for your hair.


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