As summer is fast approaching in the United States, the Arizona State University (ASU) Recreation, Watauga County Swim Complex and the Robbin’s Pool in Blowing Rock are offering residents in the High Country safe swimming lessons.

The University Recreation (UREC) of ASU is offering a program called the Red Cross Learn to Swim Program and it targets three categories of beginners. The first category is for infants to toddlers between the ages of 6 months to 3 years old. Then, there is the preschool group ranging from 3 to 5 years of age. Lastly, there is a school age group for those who are 6 years and above. All of the swimming instructors are UREC student employees, who have received Water Safety Instructor (WSI), lifeguard and CPR certifications through the Red Cross. According to Cheryl Eddins, the Assistant Aquatics Director for UREC, this program aims to aid younger children to feel more comfortable in and around the water. Aside from that, the program also revolves around water safety, which is an integral part of the lesson for all participants regardless of how old they are.

For the Watauga County Parks and Recreation, they are offering a variety of swimming lessons for all ages throughout the county. Perhaps one of the plus points is that they provide a safe swimming environment for the entire family. They have a total eight instructors on rotation, all of whom have WSI, lifeguard and CPR certifications. Apart from swimming lessons, they offer both Aquacise classes and a Masters group of competitive swimmers.

Lastly, the Robbin’s Pool in Blowing Rock offers swim lessons according to guidelines and regulations made available by the Red Cross. There are a total of six levels, with level one providing an introduction to water skills and level six teaching stroke refinement and proficiency. Once again, the swimming instructors are required to hold a lifeguard certified. More importantly, many of them already have prior experience working with children. Jason Balcome mentioned that the purpose of the lessons is to teach techniques that children, especially the younger ones, will get excited about. This will encourage them to explore more about swimming. For the story, do check it out here.

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