Kathleen Wilson has an extremely strong desire for conquest and competition. This has resulted in her travelling to different corners of the globe to participate in various challenges. She is already used to being in uncomfortable surroundings and she also believes that her threshold for pain is much higher compared to that of most others. However, the thing that she is not so used to is none other than failure.

Just two months back, Kathleen had failed to complete a long-distance swim. In fact, that was the first out of more than a dozen times where she swam in the dark, deep water without managing to emerge eventually at the very end. Some of these swims she took part in were as few as ten miles while there were others nearly she times longer. Although it was a long and tiring process, time was not as significant as completing the objective itself. This is something that Kathleen lives by. One of her basic rules in life is that if you start something, you finish it. This does not matter if it is at the Strait of Gibraltar or the English Channel because for every starting point, there is also a finishing point.

Since 1997, this rule of hers has enabled her to accomplish every swim that she ever attempted to do until the last one, which was Cook Strait in New Zealand. When approaching the last three miles of the 17-mile swim, she decided to pull out. After she got out of the water, she was incoherent and shivering uncontrollably. Even when she was being asked questions, she could only uttered nothing but gibberish.

Two months after the incident, her thoughts about the swim is peppered with misgivings. She felt that she failed to complete the swim because she was underweight. When she lost seven pounds months before, it made her too lean to battle the cold water. This caused her body to go into shock and she stated that she will not make the same mistake again. As of right now, Kathleen is still unsure of whether she will return back to New Zealand to do the swim once again. However, she has already started back on her training regimen. For the rest of her story, do check it out here.

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