Twenty one is considered to be just the official start to adulthood. It is the time when one ventures into the real world to experience and learn the lessons that life has to offer. However, for Harsh Vardhan Kabra, he had to deal with the harsh reality at a very young age. Just three years ago, the 21-year-old met with an accident while crossing a railway track. The incident caused him to lose both his right hand as well as his right leg.

Although it was a tragic accident, Harsh is still glad that he is made it out alive from it all. Today, he continues to lead a ‘normal’ life. Perhaps the only difference is his strong passion for swimming. Prior to the accident, he took swimming as merely a hobby. Since then, he has been more engaged in the sport and has not missed out on any of his swimming sessions. “I met someone at the 12th National Paralympic Swimming Championship held in Chennai last year, who suggested that I start swimming again. He introduced me to my coach in Bangalore and I resumed swimming a year after the accident,” he explained.

When asked about whether he might consider taking swimming to the next level in professional sporting events, he replied, “No. I was unable to take part in the Chennai event because I was held up with my exams. And today the reason I swim is to keep myself fit, more than anything. I had put on a lot of weight after the accident.” Although he admitted that he required assistance to do a lot of things in his daily life, he also still that it is something that it is all in the mind.

“As an amputee, you are told there are many things you can’t do and you need to know your limitations. Sometimes even my parents tell me not to keep my hopes very high and be realistic. They don’t mean to demoralise me, but they don’t want me to be disappointed eventually. But, I feel that I am as good as anyone else around and I take inspiration from people around me and I would like to pick up the good things in them. Most importantly, I don’t want people to sympathise with people who are physically challenged. We need the support and encouragement, definitely not the sympathy,” he added. For more of the story, read it here.

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