Have no idea what swim paddles are? Perhaps the video below can provide you with some enlightenment.


Swim paddles are normally used by seasoned swimmers. However, how useful are they really?

Firstly, think of swim paddles as an equivalent to dumbbells. That’s right, the gym goers would use dumbbells and the swimmers would use swim paddles. Normally, the purpose is to strengthen your shoulders, allowing you to swim faster. If you’re thinking about using them to help improve your technique and speed, please do take note of the following:

  • The pull motion puts the arm and shoulder in an already weak overhead position. By adding additional load onto the shoulder might not be the best idea.
  • Our strokes aren’t always perfect. By adding extra load on your shoulder, it can cause strain and injuries.
  • There are other dry land exercises to strengthen your shoulders instead of using paddles.
  • When your speed increases, so does the water resistance. By increasing your strength, it can only allow you to reach a certain maximum speed.
  • It is recommended that you focus on reducing drag instead of increasing speed.
  • Swim paddles allow you to swim faster with lesser effort. After removing it, you will feel the difference and not be able to swim so fast anymore.
Instructions on Usage
Although swim paddles are not advisable to use just for strengthening your shoulders, they can be use for stroke correction in freestyle.
  • How to correctly pierce the water with a flat hand when you recover.
  • How to extend your arm to the front in a long, relaxed motion.
  • How to properly anchor your hands in the water to pull your body upwards.

If you have the intention of using swim paddles, it would be better to find the smaller types that have holes in them. This will help in reducing the strain on your shoulders. At the same time, it also allows a better feel of the water. Finally, keep in mind that the purpose of swim paddles are for stroke correction and not so much on strengthening your shoulder or increasing your speed.

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