Everyone is aware that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one has to have a clean and proper diet as well as exercise regularly. It is through exercising that one’s body fats undergo a process to be converted into muscles. In order for this process to even take place, one has to first burn those body fats. The most natural method of burning fats is through sweating, which brings us to a very common question that is always being asked. In swimming, since one doesn’t really sweat, is it still possible for us to keep fit and healthy?

The answer is yes. In fact, many individuals have this similar misconception that swimming does not make one sweat. Although the aerobic exercise does not enables one to actually visually notice themselves sweating, it does not mean that one is not sweating at all. This misconception is rather unhealthy and unproductive for swimming success. The amount of sweat varies for each individual, the environmental conditions and the intensity of the exercise. If one is working out harder, there is a tendency to produce more body heat. Regardless, it is always recommended to have an ample supply of water before participating in any sport. This goes the same for swimming. The reason is to hydrate yourself and prevent dehydration or heat injuries from occurring.

Even when you are in the water on a relatively cooling day, dehydration can still take place if you do not have sufficient fluids to cool your body down. This is also the reason why the sport experts always reinforce the importance of drinking enough water both before and after the workout. Yes, the chances of dehydration may be slightly reduced if you are swimming in the water compared to when you are running on land, but one should not take his or her chances.

You may wonder if there are any concrete evidence to prove that one does actually sweat during swimming. In fact, there are quite a number of studies and research papers online that talks about this to show that it is indeed true. At the end of the day, when you take a swim, you are still performing an exercise. The intensity of the workout is entirely up to you to decide, but you are still bound to sweat it out one way or another.

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