There are times when we wonder why others have a higher intelligence quotient (IQ) compared to us. Some believe that it is the upbringing that makes a difference. There are also those who think that our environment and surroundings make an impact. As for others, they disagree with the previous two, believing strongly that it occurs from birth and cannot be changed. Well, Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia says that it can be changed.

According to their researchers, who surveyed parents of over 7,000 kids aged 5 and under, they discovered that children who participated in swimming lessons at an earlier age tend to reach developmental milestones faster as compared to their non-swimming counterparts. Apparently, the swimming lessons did more than just develop these preschoolers physical skills at a quicker pace. Somehow, the lessons also managed to improve their visual-motor skills such as paper-cutting and line-drawing, mathematical skills as well as oral expression skills.

Is the reason simply because of something in the water or is there something more to it? Faith Polk, Ph.D., the Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at Brandman University-Irvine in California, explained that part of the value in swimming lessons may be in the fact that children get exposed to new experiences, which effectively help in building their skills. Furthermore, they are also receiving high-quality, one-on-one interaction with caring adults. “In swim lessons, a lot of the words kids are hearing aren’t part of everyday language, which gives them a chance to boost their vocabulary development,” he added. A good example would be the word “backstroke”, which isn’t normally used in everyday conversations.

At the end of the day, why not give your child a shot by signing them up for swimming lessons? Firstly, there is no harm in trying right? Secondly, even if it doesn’t help to boost your child’s brainpower, they still get to pick up an essential lifelong skill. So in any case, it is still a situation in which your child will benefit from. There are also other methods that can assist in boosting a child’s brainpower. Some of the examples include spending quality time together with them, talking nonstop with them and remembering your roles as parents. For more details, feel free to read it here.

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