For parents who might be wondering how else your child can further improve on his/her swimming abilities after completing the SwimSafer Gold level, then this article would be of great use to you. Learning doesn’t simply stop at SwimSafer Gold. In fact, there are still a number of courses available for your child to join. They are by no means compulsory. However, they will definitely benefit your child in one way or another.

At Happy Fish Swim School, we offer four different optional courses after the SwimSafer Gold level. Firstly, there is the Open Water SwimSafer Course. One can sign up for this course as long as they have already attained a SwimSafer Bronze. The purpose of this course is to equip your child with additional swimming and survival skills when they are in open waters such as the beach. By completing this course, one would definitely be more prepared when heading into open waters. It is recommended to take up the course as the swimming pool differs greatly from that of the open waters.

Aside from the Open Water SwimSafer Course, there is also Platform Diving Lessons that encompass a much more fun element in your child’s learning. As the name suggests, it teaches your child various techniques to dive into the water from a springboard. There are actually three stages for the course namely, Splash It, Flip It and Rip It. By the end of this course, your child should possess the techniques and confidence when diving into the swimming pool.

For those who prefer to enhance on the current swimming skills that their child possess, perhaps you should consider signing them up for Competitive Swimming Lessons. This gives them the opportunity to make adjustments and improvements to their stroke, so that they can compete with others. The purpose of this course is to actually get your child ready for swimming competitions by improving on their speed and timing.

Lastly, if your child would like to pick up new swimming techniques and skills, then the Lifesaving Course might be something that you can look into for them. In this course, those who enroll are expected to already have decent swimming skills. Yes, their skills still can be refine during this time. However, the main focus is on  techniques to saving another’s life when in the water. Depending on how far your child wishes to sharpen his/her craft, this course can take between 1 to 4 terms. This course also enables one to become a qualified lifeguard.