Rebecca Shelton is an eleven year old who loves to swim. Her parents would bring her to swim since she was young. However, she never had the opportunity of swimming at her own home. This is because Rebecca suffers from a cholesterol deficiency. This means that without a handicap-accessible swimming pool, she won’t be able to enter the water. As building such a facility doesn’t come at a cheap cost, her parents did not invest money in it.

Thankfully for her, things are about to change. The firefighters of Bossier City and Genoa, Ark., plan to assist in the construction of a handicap-accessible swimming pool just for Rebecca. It will also include a deck and a ramp for convenience. This initiative is part of a wish program for children with life-threatening medical conditions. “She’ll be swimming by Sunday afternoon,” stated Kevin Bragg, a Bossier City firefighter, who operates an above-ground pool installation service with fellow firefighter, Ashton Poole.

The Kids Wish Network approached Kevin earlier in the month to request for help in order to fulfill Rebecca’s wish. Himself and Ashton agreed to donate the installation, which typically costs about $2,000. When his fellow firefighters heard of the plans, they offered to assist too. Mike Adams and Christian Burrus, who are fellow firefighters of Kevin, run a construction business as a sideline. They offered to build the deck with hand rails and a wheelchair access ramp to the pool. Custom-Bilt Cabinet and Supply, a company based in Shreveport that they often use, donated the wood for the deck and ramp.

Even the Genoa Fire Department were excited when Kevin informed them that he will be in town to install the pool. The fire chief volunteered to get his department to transport the water. This meant that the pool could be filled up on the spot and it would be immediately ready to use. According to Rebecca’s mum, she was a little afraid initially due to the loud noises and amount of people. “But I think once she realizes what they’re doing she’s going to be so excited.”

Kevin pointed out that firefighters naturally want to help others in any way possible. He felt that it was nice that they could do something that is not part of their usual stressful situations. For the full story, check it out here.

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