On Saturday morning, fifty volunteers made a statement by jumping in the Monterey Bay in California. They decided to take part in this good cause a week before Christmas to raise money for local food banks and soup kitchens. The event known as “Will Swim for Food” is in its third year already. Last year, the event managed to raise a total of $18,300. This year, the organisers are hoping to go beyond that and break the $40,000 mark in donations.



It was 9:42am when the first swimmers took to the waters on a chilly morning. Apparently, the water felt warmer as compared to the beach. All the necessary safety were put into place including the company of a flotilla of kayakers as well as paddle boarders. There were also three additional safety boats manned by the Coast Guard Auxiliary that were patrolling the perimeter of the area. This was to ensure supervision just in case an accident were to occur. At the same time, it also gave the participants a better sense of security during their participation.

The total distance for the swim was roughly a mile. Majority of the swimmers wore wetsuits along with some others who were in swim suits. Before the event started, there was also a safety briefing on the wharf. After that, participants were brought to the starting line on Cowell’s beach. At the half way mark, there was also a volunteer, waiting in a rubber ducky raft, who was distributing coffee to the more relaxed swimmers. The swimmers came from all around including, Virginia, Oregon, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, and Half Moon Bay. Santa Cruz County also had participants braving the waters including Hilary Bryant, the city’s new Mayor.

These fifty swimmers were doing their best to raise funds for ten food banks, two soup kitchens, and one soup pantry. This event was sponsored by Plantronics, Erik’s Deli and Annie Glass. The first swimmer who finished the event on the Boardwalk side of the wharf was a lady. At the point of time when she reached the shore, it was 10:09am. There were others as well who followed behind her. Although they were exhausted and breathing heavily by then, supporters were there to show their support by rushing over to them with towels and blankets. For the rest of the story, check it out here.

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