We have always talked about how unpredictable and dangerous the open waters can be. In fact, we do not recommend any individuals to venture for a swim in such areas. Furthermore, there aren’t any available lifeguards to keep a lookout for you. Hence, if an accident were to happen, there will be no qualified personnel to come to your aid. In Wales, Welsh Water, the owner of over 80 reservoirs, has warned young people not to take such a risk as swimming in reservoirs could potentially take their lives.


This warning derived from a campaign that was launched by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water at the beginning of the summer break. The purpose was to highlight the danger when swimming in reservoirs. “Every year, somewhere in the UK, people drown when swimming in reservoirs. It’s happened in Wales in recent times – and there is a real danger during this forecasted hot and dry weather that people will be tempted to risk taking a swim. While they might seem like a great place to cool off they are full of hidden dangers,” stated Helen Smith, the Welsh Water’s communications manager.

Here are some of the dangers that Welsh Water pointed out. Firstly, there are equipment located under the surface of the water, which might not always be noticeable. Furthermore, such equipment could automatically operate without any warning. Secondly, the water is much colder and deeper. One might not even be aware of the depth of the pool just by the looks of it. As we all know, mobile phones can’t enter into the water with you. They will malfunction most of the time if they touch the water. Therefore, you won’t be able to contact anyone for help with your phone.

In 2006, Reuben Morgan, a 15 year old teenager drowned in Pontsticill reservoir near Merthyr Tydfil. He was swimming with his friends before he had difficulties. This tragic incident led his mum to begin a campaign in order to raise awareness among young teens on the dangers of swimming in reservoirs. “Think before you jump in that water because the water could kill you. You might think you’re a strong swimmer and that it won’t happen to you. But if it could happen to my son Reuben, it could happen to anybody,” said Maxine Field, the mother of Reuben.

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