This may be unknown to some, but during the school holidays in Singapore, the public swimming complexes tend to have more swimming lessons going on. This is because swimming has become a compulsory skill in Singapore. Parents have also been educated on the significance of learning to swim. Therefore, they are more accepting nowadays.

However, before taking steps to sign your child up for a swimming class, there are certain precautions that you as a parent should observe. Firstly, select on a good swimming pool. In other words, bring your child to survey the nearest pools around your area to see which is more acceptable. The things that you should take note of are how congested the pool is at your preferred timing for the lessons and the cleanliness of the complex

Secondly, pay attention to the attentiveness of the life guards. In Singapore, it is a must for all life guards and swimming instructors to be certified with a life saving certificate. Hence, you won’t have to worry about them not being qualified. Normally, there will be around two to three life guards on duty and they will be situated at different pools.

Thirdly, for the instructor wise, it is recommended to have your child join a class with no more than 10 students. This will allow the instructor to divide his attention equally and sufficiently among all the students.

Fourthly, as a parent, you have to be responsible for the safety of your child too. Therefore, we will recommend you to be around and not simply drop your child of and head elsewhere. This is not just for safety reasons, but also a form of encouragement for your child.

Next, try arriving 15 minutes before the lessons. This is to allow time for your child to change to their attire and also warm up. Warm ups and stretching are typically between 5 to 10 minutes to prepare their body for the lesson ahead.

Finally, when it comes to meals, allow at least 2 hours of digestion before the swim. However, if your child requires something light, you can try giving them fruit juice or milk at least half an hour before the lesson. After the lesson, your child has to replenish his/her energy. This can come in the form of fruit juices and fruits such as bananas.

Through this article, Happy Fish Swim School hopes to assist parents in the things to look out for before signing their child up for swimming lessons. Although the June holidays are still 3 months away, our School Holiday Intensive Swimming Lessons are already open for registrations. If you do sign up before the end of March, you’ll get to enjoy the early bird promotion. If you’re keen, make sure that you sign up fast as slots are usually fully taken before June! Make this coming June holidays a fruitful one for your child!