We briefly mentioned about the swimmer’s shoulder previously on “Prevention is Better Than Cure“. It arises from incorrect swimming techniques or overuse of the shoulder’s muscles and tendons.


Our shoulders are the most mobile joint or the entire body. If the rotator cuff muscles are overused or incorrect swimming techniques are used, it can cause injuries to the shoulder’s tissues.


As mentioned, it can be caused by incorrect swimming techniques, mostly from the freestyle. However, the butterfly and breast stroke do contribute to the injury to certain extent as well if incorrectly done. Apart from that, over exercising or a sudden increase in your workout may also lead to such an injury. This is due to your rotator cuff muscles tiring out faster. Other causes of the injury include imbalanced strength and flexibility of muscles development, overstretching and emphasizing too much on swim paddles.



As we all know, prevention is better than cure. These are some guidelines to refrain you from getting injured during swimming.

Firstly, do not over work your muscles or exercise with tired muscles. This will lead to the stabilizing muscles not functioning correctly anymore, leading to shoulder injury. Try avoiding a sudden increase in your workout as well.

Secondly, do not overuse the swim paddles and kickboards. They leave your shoulders in a vulnerable position and leave an additional strain on them.


Finally, and most importantly, it is the technique that’s most crucial. A certified instructor can spot your mistakes for you and correct them as they are experienced and professional in their line of work. If you require their assistance, we will be more than willing to help you out. Visit our website HERE to register with a qualified instructor today!