Molly Wildsoet’s recent trip to the beach nearly resulted in a tragedy for the nine-year-old after the Woonona primary school student was sucked out to sea by a fast-moving rip. She was initially playing in hip-height water between the flags on Woonona Beach, Australia. However, after she ducked under a set of waves, she ended up resurfacing out to sea.

“The water had been calm, and with only small waves, it looked ideal. A rip was moving up the beach so quickly, even the lifeguards couldn’t move the flags fast enough, so they chose to concentrate on closely watching the swimmers instead,” stated Kyla Wildsoet, Molly’s mum. At that point of time, it was an extremely frightening experience for Molly. Thankfully, she was able to remain calm and use her swimming skills to aid her as well as keep her positive and afloat.

“I first thought, ‘I’ll be OK, I can swim’. But as I kept swimming, I realised the rip was too strong and I couldn’t get out of it. I was between the flags, so I knew someone would come and help me. So I just tried to keep calm. The lifesavers did come,” Molly recalled.

Her mother was definitely relief and also amazed by her daughter’s maturity and composure in that stressful situation. “Many children would have panicked at that point, but Molly had been doing swimming lessons at Northern Stars Swim School for some time, so it was great to see how those skills kicked in. She was able to help save her own life,” said Kyla. Eventually, the lifeguards came to Molly’s rescue and brought her back to the shore. Despite going through what she did, she wasn’t put of by it. In fact, she dived right back in to continue surfing with her friends.

According to Raelene Jones, Molly’s swimming instructor, Swim Australia swim schools, which include Northern Stars, teach children and adults the life skills they need to keep them safer in and around water. “Because the majority of children who attend our swim school live near the coast, we include education on beach safety in our program,” stated Raelene. She also added that it was essential that every child as well as adult know how to swim and to identify hazards in water. For the full story, do check it out here.

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