As its name suggests, the backstroke is swum on your back. It emphasize on working out and strengthening the back muscles. If you have yet to read the article on Elementary Backstroke, I would suggest you to do so first. Before going into the details, here’s a video to demonstrate how its being done.


How To Swim?

  • Lie flat on your back with your head facing the sky
  • Ensure your body is parallel to the water surface
  • Use the flutter kick to generate movement
Think of it like the freestyle, just that your body is 180 degrees different!

1. Extend your arm from the sides of your body in a semi-circular fashion towards your head and keep it extended.

2. Your other arm should move backwards in the water from your head to the side of your body. Your arm should bend before extending and your hand should mimic an S-like shape during the stroke.

3. After each arm’s motion, your arms will exchange roles and the cycle will continue.

Here’s another video of Michael Phelps closest rival, Ryan Lochte, demonstrating the backstroke!


Just as simple as that, you have conquered the backstroke. Still having problems mastering it? Happy Fish will be more than willing to help! All you have to do is to visit us at and sign up for professional guidance from our certified instructors!