The Breast Stroke is normally the first stroke that is taught to beginners. The reason being that it is the most basic and simple of all the strokes. Furthermore, for individuals who have a phobia of water, the breast stroke allows your head to be kept above the water.

Apart from it being a “beginners” stroke, the breast stroke is extremely useful and essential for open waters and rescue swimmers.

The breast stroke is always seen in competitive swimming and it is probably the most common of all swimming strokes.

So how exactly does the breast stroke works?

1. Lay flat in the water with your arms stretched in front of you. Alight your head with your spine and face downwards. Keep your legs together and extend your feet so that they point away from your body.

2. Turn your hands outwards and move your arm outwards, forming a Y-like shape with your body.

3. When your arms are two feet apart, start bending your elbows and continue pulling your hands back. Then, start bending your knees and move your feet back to your posterior.

4. When your hands are at your chin level,  bring them back together. Raise your upper body out of the water and continue moving your feet back to your posterior.

5. Once your hands are together, your upper body should be at the highest point and your knees completely bent.

6. This is where you start propelling yourself forward: push your chest down in the water, extend your hands and arms to the front and your head should follow your chest into the water.

7. Kick your feet back and apart while your body continues to extend forward.

8. Once your legs are fully extended, press them together. This is when you start gliding.

9. Once the gliding is over, repeat the same steps again.

If you still have no clue on how to use the steps above, perhaps this video might help:


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