The freestyle or front crawl is the most energy efficient as well as fastest swim stroke. However, many beginners faced obstacles when learning the stroke due to the face being submerged and the need to rotate for breathing. Let’s take a look at what the freestyle looks like before proceeding:



  • The body is flat in the water like a prone position.
  • The head is to be align with the spine and the swimmer faces down.
  • Both arms are extended to the front and palms are turned towards the bottom of the pool.
  • The swimmer kicks with a flutter kick.
1. Flex one of your wrist and stroke your hand back following the middle of your body.
2. Flex your elbow and keep it close to the surface as your hand moves back.

3. As your hand strokes back, your body will roll towards the side of the stroking arm.

4. Once your hand is at your hips, your hand can exit the water, making your arm nearly fully extended.
5. Flex your elbow again and start recovering your hand to the front.

6. During this time, you should be inhaling air quickly.
7. Once your hand has passed your head, then it enters the water again, extends to the front and your whole body rotates back down.

8. Once your recovering hand is at the level of your other arm’s elbow, the pull phase of your other arm repeats the previous arm.

Hopefully this article has helped anyone who wishes to learn how to swim the freestyle. However, if you’re still unable to do so, our certified instructors will be more than willing to help! Feel free to sign up with Happy Fish by clicking HERE!