If you thought Singapore is the only country going through an eccentric weather, you have got it wrong. In fact, if you compare our condition with that of Venice in Italy, you will realise that we our weather is still way better compared to theirs. Currently, seventy per cent of Venice is flooded and sea levels are peak at 1.5 metres above normal. Tourists have to wear their swimwear and wade through the water in order to get to their destination.


Sadly, flood waters have drenched most of the beautiful city of Venice. This has led to the evacuation of 200 people in Tuscany, as bad weather continues to hit northern Italy. In Venice itself, heavy rains and winds from the south are the cause of the “acqua alta” (high water) and the reason for seventy per cent of Venice being flooded. In Tuscany, about two hundred people had to be evacuated because of the heavy rains that flooded their homes and caused mudslides, according to local officials.

The most affected region was the province of Massa and Carrara, which is well known for their famous Carrara marble. In Massa di Carrara alone, a total of about fifty people had to be evacuated. The conditions were so bad that even a car was being carried away by an overflowing river. Fortunately, the couple who were still in the vehicle at that point of time were rescued by firefighters. Even the local authorities have urged the population to stay indoors and avoid going into the streets. They are recommended to stay in the upper floors of their homes too.

In Pisa, some streets are left with no electricity at all due to the floods. As for the large Tuscan port of Livorno, civil defence forces had to be put on standby just in case the heavy rains worsen. In Liguria, the region bordering Tuscany, 30 people also had to be evacuated. In preparations for the floods two days ago, the authorities had already issued warnings and made plans for security measures. This is to avoid any casualties and deaths after an incident a year ago, where 13 people died in Tuscany and Liguria. The bad weather was heading slowly towards the centre of the country. It was predicted to hit Rome, where the civil defence forces have already been placed on guard. For the full story, check it out here.

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