Whenever most people hear of the word “shark”, they begin to feel that their life is in danger. In fact, many will recall the movie, “Jaws” with the menacing theme song as well as the gruesome attack scenes. It is a norm for ocean swimmers to panic and flee for the shore and their lives when a shark fin is being spotted in the water. Despite all the dangers we have heard and observed about sharks, there are still those who look beyond that and see these creatures for what they truly are.

These streamlined, beautiful animals managed to adapt to their environment and for that reason, they are still around today after approximately 64 million years. Contrary to popular belief, these creatures are not that keen in eating humans. They actually pose a much larger threat towards plankton than to surfers or any other fish. For the brave souls, the thrill of being able to just swim alongside these big fish outweighs the fright of being hurt by them. In any case, to be able to swim beside them, one would still need the help of a boat most of the time. Aside from a boat, local knowledge would make it a whole lot easier to seek out the fish. Obviously, one’s best bet would be to hire a local guide service, who is willing to take you out and provide you with the necessary equipment and gear. At the same time, these locals will be able to advise you on the acceptable distance to remain from the sharks.

There is quite a decent number of guide services that takes you on daylong dive and snorkeling charters, set you up on a live-aboard yacht for extended, all-inclusive trips. Their services even include loading you into a deep-sea submersible to get a Cousteau-style look at some rather creepy (and rare) creatures. Another interesting fact about sharks that most people tend to neglect is that there are about 470 species of sharks prowling the world’s oceans. The Great White shark is perhaps one of the most talked about, but there are definitely way more out there for one to explore. If you are looking for ideas on some of the most amazing places to experience swimming with sharks, do check it out here.

Before you can swim with the sharks, you have to learn how to swim first. At Happy Fish Swim School, we offer a variety of swimming lessons in Singapore. For more information, do feel free to check us out!