In one of our previous posts, we talked about how Adrian Pang enjoys Swimming With Sharks. Today, we take things to a whole new level. Apparently, Dade City’s Wild Things in Tampa, Florida, has recently launched a new attraction for those who wish to have an unusual wildlife encounter. For US$200, the private zoo is allowing visitors to play and swim with baby tiger cubs for thirty minutes.

The Florida Zoo’s decision to open up this new attraction still has to be in line with the state law, which states that the tiger cubs must weigh less than forty pounds. For those who simply wish to watch the experience of others, there is a charge of $10. A photo CD and video of the experience is inclusive in the price as well. Although this new attraction may sound appealing to some of the more adventure seeking individuals, there are some animal rights activists who are against the idea.

They claim that such an act is abusive and dangerous towards the health of the animals. “The cubs are awakened repeatedly for anyone who will pay to pet them or take photos with them. Cubs don’t like holding still for petting sessions and photo opportunities. The swimming solves that problem … because the cub has to swim for dear life,” said a critic from the 911 Animal Abuse website.

In fact, just last year, the zoo was issued with a warning citation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture after they forced a baby cub to swim when it didn’t want to. However, according to Dade City, the cubs enjoy swimming and they are considered to be the best swimmers out of all the other big cats. Aside from offering swimming with baby tiger cubs, the zoo also offers swimming lessons with alligators, whose mouths are taped shut. For more details, feel free to check it out here.

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