Dear All,

July 5th is around the corner. NASSA will cease and SwimSafer will start on that day. Most people who are taking swimming lessons will soon start using SwimSafer syllabus. However, there are still some issue raised by parents and students over this transition. I hope that this post provides everyone a clearer picture.

1. Class size will reduce to 10pax per group.
Pro: Attention span of instructor on each student is longer.
Con: Some of the bigger class group may need to split their class or transfer their students to some other instructors.

2. New Syllabus – SwimSafer
Pro: Touch on both lifesaving skill and swimming skill. Students are now able to swim and save lifes!
Con: Some students prefers to focus on swimming skill.

3. Testing Scheme – Instructor cum Tester
* Instructors are taught to become tester as well. Each instructor will act as the tester for other instructor’s class.
Pro: Test can be carried out as long as students are ready. No specific date is required.
Con: Some were worried about cheating case may happen.

By the way, the most frequently asked question here is “If I have passed NASSA Bronze, Silver, Gold or Goldstar, how will the transition to SwimSafer be?”

The answer is no matter which level you are currently at, SwimSafer certified instructor will determine which of the SwimSafer stages, Bronze, Silver or Gold, will your child be.

For more information regarding SwimSafer, please visit SwimSafer Programme

Should you need any further assistance regarding SwimSafer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SwimSafer Programme