The National Water Safety Council announced the new-and-improved SwimSafer programme today which will be out 5th of July 2010. This programme will replace the National Survival Swimming Award and Learn-To-Swim programme.

SwimSafer emphasizes more on water safety and teaches people how to survive in open water. Students will learn how to orientate themselves underwater, remain calm and stay afloat in different situation.

The class size will shrink from 20 children to a maximum of 10. This will increase individual time is spend on each student. The learning hours will be increase to 12 hours from 10 hours previously. It covers six stage include underwater-orientation and diving skills.

Students midway through Learn-To-Swim will have to take a proficiency test before being allocated to a stage under SwimSafer. Those awarded bronze or silver under NASSA will be channelled to silver or gold, the final two stages of SwimSafer respectively.

We will update more on SwimSafer programme in our blog.