SwimSafer Stage Two

General skills development will include unassisted step entry into water, sculling, feet-first surface dives, personal water safety skills and water safety awareness in an aquatic environment. Your child will be encouraged to achieve 25 metres of continuous swim.

Swimsafer Stage 2 Certificate

Entries & ExitsPerform a step-in entry
Sculling & Body OrientationDemonstrate sculling in an upright position for 10 seconds with arms only.
Underwater SkillsSearch for and recover an object in chest deep water depth.
Movement/Swimming/StrokesSwim 25m – Any stroke
Survival Backstroke
Survival & Activity skillsSwim wearing clothing for 15m.
Demonstrate flotation survival technique
Correctly fit a PFD, jump into the water and swim for 5 metres and climb out of deep water.
Rescue Skillsnil
KnowledgeWater safety rules in various aquatic environments

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