SwimSafer Stage Three

Principles of personal water survival and basic rescue skills will be taught. Your child will demonstrate proficiency in sculling, underwater skills, and the use of Personal Floatation Device. Your child will be encouraged to achieve 50 metres of continuous swim.

Swimsafer Stage 3 Certificate
Entries & Exits Perform a stride/straddle entry
Sculling & Body Orientation Demonstrate sculling in a horizontal position for 10 seconds with arms only.
Demonstrate the ability to change direction on command.Demonstrate reverse action
Underwater Skills In chest deep water swim through hoops on pool bottom 2 metres apart.
Movement/Swimming/Strokes Swim 50 metres continously
25 metres using either Breaststroke or Front- Crawl and 25 metres using either Backstroke or Survival Backstroke
Survival & Activity skills Swim wearing clothing for 25 metres
Demonstrate ability to correctly fit a PFD in the water.
Rescue Skills Throw a flotation aid to a partner at 3 metres distance and instruct to kick to the edge
Perform a reach rescue using a rigid aid and pull a partner to safety
Knowledge Principles of personal survival


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