As the London Summer Olympics draws nearer, the competition is getting stiffer. In just forty days time, the international event that is held once every four years, will commerce. Singapore looks to swim queen, Tao Li, to make an impact on this year’s London Olympics. She has been one of the hottest prospects in Singapore’s swim team for the past few years.

Unfortunately for Singapore, Tao Li was unable to secure a spot in the London Olympics. The rather recent implementation in the Olympics has made quite a huge difference on the requirements that are necessary to qualify. It is much more challenging nowadays to guarantee a spot in the Olympics as compared to previous years. Although Tao Li came in first place in the 100 metres butterfly event at the Southeast Asia Swimming Championships, it didn’t meet the mark. They do not look at the position that she completed the event, they look at the timing instead. In order to meet the ‘A’ time, she had to achieve a timing of 58.7 seconds or less. She was only able to hit a timing of 59.23 seconds, which was only sufficient enough for a ‘B’ time.

In order to guarantee a spot in the Olympics, she had to get an ‘A’ timing. However, since she only managed to obtain a ‘B’ time, there’s a chance that she might totally miss out on this year’s Olympics. All is not lost yet though. Now, it is in the hands of the International Swimming Federation(FINA). They will be the ones who select the swimmers to hand invites to next month’s Olympics. She will only get to know the results later this month.

Tao Li, who had been putting in a lot of time and effort during her training sessions, was rather disappointed with her own performance. “My expectation is a bit higher than this… We were not really prepared for this meet, but I still feel I could go faster than this. My training is much better than this outcome,” said Tao Li. Regardless, Singapore will still be giving her full support, while hoping that she gets that invitation to the games.

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