Corinne Barnes has been teaching for the past 40 years. As each year goes by, you would think that she would want to slow things down, but she never of it thought that way. Instead, she insists on continuing to teach a class of ninth graders every year. “My most favorite thing to do is to be in this classroom. I love it. I don’t think there’s any way you can make a difference, than in the class,” she said.

Corinne teaches French to her students at Douglas County High School in Colorado. Her students know that if they are unable to keep up, she will be there to guide them. “You never leave the room without knowing the full lesson, and she really cares about you and she’s basically another mother to me,” said Michelle Nyangani, a freshman.

Aside from teaching, Corinne is also in charge of the International Baccalaureate program. At the same time, she also heads English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), the Foreign Language Department and both the Gifted and Fine Arts programs. The school realises that they can always count on her to get a job done regardless of the time or how soon they need it to be done. “Whatever we need, we can call her on the cell phone. I ask her all the time, ‘Do you sleep?,” stated Nicole Warren, the PTA President.

So what’s Corinne’s secret? How is she able to keep up her energy and succeed in everything she sets herself to do? Her answer is simple. She swims nearly every single day. It does not matter what season it is or what timing it is as she will find a suitable venue to get it done. She swims either at home in the summer or at a fitness center during the winter period. “Even at the lake, I have a wetsuit when it’s cold. I reflect. I can think as I swim,” she added.

“I’m just honored to have the opportunity to work with her. Wonderful woman. She has amazing energy. She keeps us running,” said Dr. Tim Scott, the principal of Douglas County High School. For the full story, be sure to check it out here.

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