Most people wouldn’t usually be too concerned about finding a swimming pool in the middle of December, especially if you are in Singapore. However, for the Reedley City Council in California, this was an issue for them. Their program to teach children how to swim was on the verge of being cancelled because of the absence of a public pool.

Thankfully, Sarah Reid, the Community Services Superintendent, managed to find a temporary solution to enable their popular swim program to carry on next summer. It was Vito Genna, Sierra View Homes Executive Director, who offered the use of the facility’s indoor pool for a total of six weeks next summer. At the same time, the Sunrise Kiwanis Club also proposed to cover the hard costs of usage of the pool. These allowed the city council to approve an agreement to use the pool. “This is an exciting opportunity that will allow us to continue to teach kids how to swim,” stated Sarah.

“This is a prime example of the private and public sector merging together and helping each other.  This type of cooperation is something you don’t see in other communities.  They are working together for the common good,” said Mary Fast, a member of the council. The city pool was closed in May 2011. Since then, they have been making use of the Reedley College swim complex. Sadly, this was the only venue in Reedley to have public pools. Unfortunately, in August, the college closed its pools as well. This left the city with no other options for swimming lessons.

Measure K, the Kings Canyon Unified School District’s $40 million bond, which was approved by voters in November, consists of a new swimming complex at Reedley High School.  Even though the school district has promised the city access to the pool, its construction still has at least one more year to go. “With the passing of Measure K, there is a pool complex being built for the future and this is very exciting.  But in the meantime, there is a need to continue teaching young children how to swim. Sierra View welcomed us with open arms.  I can’t say enough about their willingness to accommodate us,” Sarah explained. She also mentioned that both the staff and residents at Sierra View are eager to have the children come over to the facility. In fact, they even promised to provide a large cheering section for the students. For the full story, do read it here.

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