Just a few days ago, 18 year old Raphael Perez drowned in Plymouth, United Kingdom in a pond. The victim’s family spoke to the media a day later. They knew that Raphael was able to swim, but they believe that he may have risked his life trying to save someone who didn’t.

It was at about 7pm last Friday at Myles Standish State Forest during an annual church camping trip when the 18 year old suddenly disappeared from the water surface. He was trying to help another swimmer who had difficulties getting to a boat. Eventually, the other swimmer made it to the boat safely. However, Raphael wasn’t lucky enough and was seen struggling. “He helped her. She got back. But he got tired out and gave up,” said Monica Perez, the sister of the victim.


Just minutes later, Raphael was found about 100 feet from the shore on the bottom of the pond. However, it was already too late and the 18 year old had already passed on. Friends and family stated that helping others was always a part of Raphael’s nature. It was a really tragic incident, especially since he was merely trying to help someone else who could have drowned otherwise. Although there was a roped off area for swimmers at the pond during that time, there wasn’t any lifeguard on duty when Raphael drowned. If there had been an attentive lifeguard available, it might have been a totally different story and the 18 year old might have been rescued in time. For the full article, you can check it out here.

Before taking a swim at the beach or open waters, always keep a look out if there are any lifeguards available. This is important as it can make a difference in life or death. There are many times when swimmers take their chances and head out to swim even when there are no lifeguards around. By doing so, they are actually risking their own lives. In certain places, there are even warning signs that advises people not to swim, but they still ignore them and proceed on their own. These signs are placed there for a reason and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The open waters are extremely unpredictable and strong currents are capable of sweeping you away in an instance.

In Singapore, there are lifeguards always on duty in both the public swimming complex and even in Sentosa. Therefore, always ensure that you’re swimming in an area where it is visible to their eyes. This ensures that if anything were to happen, they will be able to see it and get to you in time. Happy Fish Swim School recommends all swimmers to take up the Open Water SwimSafer Course so that you can be equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to swim in open waters.