At approximately 1:20pm on Friday, emergency services were called upon to Gullet Quarry, near Castlemorton in England. There were reports made suggesting that a boy had failed to resurface after swimming in the lake. Upon arrival, the emergency services along with a diving team, worked at the scene for a couple of hours. At about 4:50pm later that day, they finally managed to locate and recover the body of the teenager.

The tragic death of the boy is not being treated as suspicious. As of now, the officers have yet to disclose the name, but they are preparing a report for the coroner, who has already been informed. “This appears to have been a tragic accident and our thoughts are with the boy’s family and friends at this sad time. While it is too early to give a cause of death, we would like to take this opportunity to remind people about the dangers of open water. With the warm weather upon us and the school holidays approaching, we would advise people to think twice about going into local rivers, lakes and canals in order to cool off. We are privileged to live and work in a beautiful part of the country with a huge area of water. However, this comes with its dangers and we would appeal for people to recognise the risks associated with water and act responsibly,” stated Detective Inspector Richard Rees.

According to a local resident, it was not the first time that someone had drowned while swimming in the disused quarry. “My partner called me and said it was all cordoned off because a lad had died. There are signs up all around saying don’t swim or dive, and that there have been people killed in the last few years here. Under the water there’s the old machinery still down there,” she said. She also mentioned that the area was quite popular among young people. They tend to use the sheer sides of the quarry, which is 30 feet above, to dive down into the chilly waters below. To find out more about the rest of the story, do read it all here.

At Happy Fish Swim School, we always remind our readers to practice safety precautions, especially when they are heading to the open waters. Unlike the public swimming complex, the open waters are unpredictable. Hence, one should never take his or her chances, especially when there isn’t a lifeguard around. For more information about swimming and the open waters, please refer to our website.